Friday, November 7, 2014

From These Woods by Really Large Numbers (Julia Oldham and Chad Stayrook)

Really Large Numbers'  first solo exhibition, From These Woods, was at D-Center in Baltimore, MD this October--it was organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Baltimore). Here is some information and some images from the show if you missed it! Read a review of the exhibition here: The Woods Are Not What They Seem by Ian MacLean Davis.

From These Woods
An Exhibition by Really Large Numbers (Chad Stayrook and Julia Oldham)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Baltimore @ D center Baltimore

From These Woods is an exhibition of projects, objects and ephemera from the Really Large Numbers laboratory, the creative expedition of multidimensional artists Chad Stayrook (Brooklyn, NY) and Julia Oldham (Eugene, OR). Stayrook and Oldham’s partnership began in 2011 when they encountered each other spontaneously as characters in dreams of mythic adventures. This dream thread led them inexorably to a collaborative relationship that combines science, fantasy and dream language to blur the boundaries between the Real and the Unreal.

The titular installation for this show is a series of animated videos chronicling the story of a deer who can travel through dreams. Originally inspired by the true story of a buck swimming from Jersey City to Governor’s Island in 2010, RLN reimagines the buck’s adventure as a celestial journey. The artists cast their own minds as the “islands” he moves between. The videos have a lively fairy tale structure. Each incorporates a mysterious, geometric teleportation device that allows the deer to move between realms and travel deeper and deeper into bizarre brainscapes.

This and other projects showcased at D center in October exemplify a persistent strategy of Really Large Numbers’ practice—fantastical interpretations of the natural world blended with empirical research of human relationships, communication structures, and symbols. From These Woods will be the first installation of Really Large Numbers work in Baltimore. Really Large Numbers created this work while participating in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space residency on Governor’s Island in Upper New York Bay, and Artists Alliance Lower East Side Studio Program in Manhattan. Their work is supported by the Oregon Arts Commission in Portland, OR.

D center Baltimore -
D center Baltimore is a broad cross-section of disciplines and individuals invested in improving and encouraging design—in all its iterations—in the Baltimore region. D center’s members believe design thinking has the capacity to change the world and that banding together in creative collaboration will greatly improve the quality of urban life.

ICA Baltimore -
ICA Baltimore is a collaboration of volunteers working to stage contemporary art exhibitions in available spaces in Baltimore. From These Woods is the thirteenth exhibition by the ICA since 2011.

Here are a few stills from the From These Woods video triptych, which follows the adventures of a deer who can travel through dreams. Our videos are based on the true story of  10-point buck who swam from Jersey city to Governor's Island in 2010. We conceptualized this project while participating in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space residency on Governor's Island in New York, and completed the series while participating in Artists Alliance Inc. Lower East Side Studio Program in Manhattan.

And here are some of the drawings from our Diving Geometry series, which we exhibited in From These Woods as well.

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