Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I shut my eyes.

And fall into blackness. Into a moonless night. I land, softly, on a blanket of moss. I hear a soft exhalation, a grumbling moan. I'm laying on my back. I reach my hand toward the sound and feel your fur.

There you are, DreamCoyote.
But something is wrong.
You are sick and in pain.

I pull myself to my knees and crawl over to you. You are laying on your side panting with difficulty. Wheezing. You lift your head weakly. You make a soft and sorrowful sound.

"I feel sick. I think I'm disappearing."

I push my fingers deep into your fur. Your body is bony beneath, and I can feel every rib. You are disappearing. I can't stand it... How can I make you better? I wrap my body around you. You've become so small that I can cradle you. I'll keep you warm. I'll make you better.


Tell me what to do.

"I need your most important organ. But don't worry; it's only a dream organ I need. It won't affect the functioning of your waking body."

...which organ is my most important organ?

"It's a dark, dripping organ sometimes; it's gold and glowing at other times. It provides the life and blood of your DreamSelf. If you share it with me, we'll be dreambodily connected in DreamLand and I will be healed. But that means it will be you and me forever in here. No one else. You. Me. One."

I don't even hesitate. I rip it out of my body and plunge it into DreamCoyote's withering form. His fluids and organs envelop my hands as I push into his body. He cries out, screams... a sound that isn't even conceivable. I pull my hand out of his heaving body and the sound sears our wounds. Closes my torso and DreamCoyote's. I am now missing my DreamSpleen... But it is held safe inside my DreamCoyote, whose fur now shines, whose eyes are radiant, whose body is thick and muscular again, and who growls in passion and delight before loping off into the night. He carries part of me inside of him.

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