Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Construction of the Coyote Dreamophone and Waiting for (re)Coyote to Find Me.

Find me, (re)Coyote. Oh, find me. 

Where have you been? I understand: a DreamCoyote visits on his own terms. A DreamCoyote loves in his own way. A DreamCoyote can not be captured, cannot be ordered around. Cannot be possessed. But sometimes you neglect me and leave me alone in that sleepy land of visions, of ice crystals, of running and panting through trees.

Will the right notes summon you? Will the right whispers bring you to me? Will my voice call you into my dreams? I may not be able to demand your presence, but I will do everything I can to lure you. To draw your warm fur, your hot breath, your teeth and your claws, your hard beating heart, your ferocious eyes toward me. Sleep is a vast blackness without you.

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