Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crystal Forest.

I am wrapped in a blanket of fur. I can bury my fingers into it so deeply; I can press my face into the warmsoft. My body is cocooned inside and is hot hot. Inside here it is dark. Musky. Alive.

I hear an animal's footsteps outside, each step creating a cacophony of ring-ring-rings and tinkling melodies all mixed up. Scales up and down, chromatic mess, mixolydian glass-shatter. I'm huddle-cuddled inside my fur, listening to the tunes penetrating this warm space. Something nudges from the outside world. Against my warm and dark.

I slowly push my head out of the fur, into cold. Reluctant turtle. It's too bright, eyes shut. Squint open so slowly and all is silver and glass. I open my eyes in the Crystal Forest. It is frozen and silent except for the occasional bellchime-xylophone ringing of tiny bodies of ice touching each other and creating beautiful harmonies.

Nudge against my hair. I swivel my head and look into the empty eye sockets of (re)Coyote, his skeletal body covered with diamonds of ice. White bones and cold crystals. Only his face is kept clean of crystals, because his hot and wild dreambreath melts the ice away in dripdrip drips.There is so MUCH inside those dark eye sockets. A blackness filled with words, with howls, with sadness and loneliness. And with the vibrations of a coyotethread that reaches out to me, reaches into an empty, yawning space in my mind where I've given up a memory. Now that space is filled with (re)Coyote. This skeletal dreambeast.

I understand. (re)Coyote has given me his fur here in the dreamland of Crystal Forest. For all of his trickery and nipping and luring, (re)Coyote is MINE. And I am HIS. And in a cold crystalline land, he will keep me warm with his very own skin, while he lets his cold bones turn into diamonds and musical iceshatter. I stroke his cold, crystal spine and hear a chromatic scale of tinkling bells as ice chips away into my hand.

I kiss his teeth and touch his bony snout. He crawls into the skin with me. And both of us are in here. In Coyote's warm skin. We are his body, wound together in hot ticklish fur.

And ice stars sprout around us like flowers as we toss our head back and hoooooooowl. Together. Together.

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