Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The howl originated from that empty space inside me, I think. That memory-less place that produces echoes, that draws things into it, that pushes things back out of it. An eddy that swirls bits of me through it and changes them slightly.

That space. It seems to have absorbed the rest of Coyote and planted this wild animal inside me. A wild animal that needs to howl in the forest, that feels restless and alive at dusk, that can hear coyote whispers from a skull around my neck.

Let me ask you directly, Coyote, what happened to you.
What happened to me? How did you find your way into the space in my SELF?


Coyote, that doesn't help. And I need your help. So much. Your whisperparts and shh-shh-whhh's and windsounds are too hard to decode. Speak more clearly.

"...the in between...shhhh...ssss..."
" between...ssss...ssss..."
"shhh...the two of you...ffff...sss..."

But I don't know what this means. Coyote speaks in spells and magic.

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