Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few ways to get lost.

  • Go north from the south pole.
  • Go south from the north pole.
  • Erase your path.
  • Set a GPS route and always take the opposite turn.
  • Follow the footprints of a wolf.
  • Run in the shadow of a bird.
  • Walk away from water.
  • Walk away from a mountain.
  • Use the wrong map.
  • Lay down a breadcrumb trail.
  • Follow the twinkliest star.
  • Always keep the breeze to your left in a sailboat.
  • Walk towards light. Or dark.
  • Represent an irrational number in binary. Begin walking on a street, and use each digit of the number to determine whether you turn left or right.
  • Walk away from loud sounds.
  • Always follow the smaller powerlines.
  • Pick a cardinal direction; always take the turn that most closely matches that direction

  • Reject destinations.

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