Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notes from Tallinn: We Are Not a Lie

The Seaplane Harbor in Tallinn is an amazing maritime museum built in a huge seaplane hangar. The complex is an installation of historical sea vessels, airplanes and military equipment, and an entire submarine is suspended inside the museum and can be entered and explored.

But this blog post is devoted to one little gem I found in the museum. In the children's section of the Seaplane Harbor there is a drawing station, and kids can hang their creations on a wall to share with other visitors. I found this amazing drawing hanging among the artworks:

My sister, moved by this mermaid's sadness, wrote the following song, titled "We Are Not a Lie". It is based loosely on William Butler Yeats' poem "The Mermaid." You can listen to it right here:

We Are Not a Lie
(a song by Erin)

The mermaid found
A swimming lad
Pressed her body
Against his body

We are not a lie
We are not a lie

The mermaid found
Plunging down
To her surprise
Even lovers drown

1 comment:

  1. Love the drawing and the song, though now I'm going to worry about sexy mermaids seducing then drowning me when I swim in the ocean.