Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Notes from Tallinn: part 2

One of my favorite adventures here so far has been a sunset journey through the nearby working ports of Tallinn.

To get to this area of town, E and I hugged the Baltic and walked west of Kalamaja. Passing through a combination of residential buildings and crumbling old construction, we eventually made our way to a railroad and a collection of businesses on the water. Weaving through fences (and passing by the sniffing noses of guard dogs peeking under gates), we found ourselves among enormous cranes and container ships. In this same area were a few small organizations, like a motorcycle club called Dynamo with a fantastic stenciled logo.

Fluffy and Suspicious.

Shipping industry in sunset light.

The little life preserver is my favorite part.

Dynamo Motorcycle Club

It was really fascinating seeing this part of the city, and realizing the importance of Tallinn's location on the Baltic. The gritty skyline was tremendously beautiful in the sunset light--the sky in Estonia is always fantastic and full of dramatic clouds, and the smoky oranges that blaze through the atmosphere as the sun is going down are breathtaking.

(Also, I know it's a little immature, but we keep thinking that this road sign is kind of funny...)

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