Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Notes from Tallinn: part 3

Last week my lovely friend Piibe brought us by bus to the Soviet block buildings of Lasnamaë, a neighborhood built in the 1970s-90s which is mainly Russian speaking today. The neighborhood is enormous, with more than 100,000 people (nearly 30% of Tallinn's population) residing there in a huge number of apartment buildings. They all look very similar, but in the 90s some of the buildings were given new paneled siding for better insulation and some big blocky design elements.

 A parking area in Lasnamaë, with Tallinn TV Tower in the background.

 This gives you only a partial sense of the vastness of Lasnamaë. It is REALLY huge.

 New panel siding and paint on one of the apartment buildings.

This thing was in someone's backyard...

After exploring the neighborhood, we wandered toward the Pirita River, which lies to the east of Lasnamaë. We didn't really know where we were going, and kept being blocked by razorwire fences and gates! We eventually were able to wind our way out the neighborhood and found ourselves on the rather creepy campus of a crumbling old complex that E thought might have been Tallinna Konstantin Pätsi Vabaõhukool (a school).

From here, we were able to cut through a nettle-filled path down to the Pirita River, which was black with tannins and swiftly tumbling along with a mirrored surface. The three of us ended our adventure here, making our way back to a bus stop and into town for a wonderful dinner in old town before parting ways for the night.

Me and Piibe on the banks of the Pirita, being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

(Photos taken by me and Eric)

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