Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Transmission from InfiniG: ripped apart

My dear research team,
My human pulse,

I see a fantastic display of lights and flares. CHANDRA told me about this. I know what I see.

Imagine this with me: a comet is orbiting the star it has been orbiting for ages; for its entire existence. Along the comet's last orbit around its own star, ANOTHER star's movement through the galaxy has by chance, by miracle, by math, sent it right by our comet. The comet brushes by the star it has never encountered before... and that encounter shifts the comet's orbit and sends it careening away from home. Hundreds of trillions of asteroids and comets in this galaxy have been stripped from their parent stars when they encounter a GREATER FORCE, and sent into the orbit of the super massive black hole at the galaxy's center, Sagittarius A*.

Suddenly our comet is on a new path, orbiting an unfathomably strong force. It has no control over its new path; it spirals toward the irresistible and destructive black hole at the center of all things. When the comet passes within 100 million miles of Sgr A*, it is torn asunder by tidal forces.

Fragments, pieces, pieces, parts. These pieces vaporize as they soar through the gases flowing into the black hole (like an asteroid falling through earth's atmosphere), and become beautiful, blazing marks in the black, blackest black of nothing. Any remains are devoured by the black hole. Soon that will happen to me.


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