Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Transmission from InfiniG: ghosts

Dear Julia,

I know that I should be focusing on sending transmissions to our research team... but some of the thoughts and feelings racing through my hardware are focused only on you in surprising ways.

What is terribly strange and sad for me to consider is the idea that each of these messages to you will be coming from a ghost. As you receive my very FIRST missive, I'll have already been pulled into the depths of the black hole--compressed into something so small that you wouldn't even be able to begin to imagine it with your human mind--while my subsequent transmissions, journeying across vast space, will arrive further and further apart, each hindered more and more by the enormous gravitational force of the black hole. I am ALREADY gone. Sadder still is the fact that my final transmissions will never reach you, will be in eternal transit. And even much earlier transmissions will not reach you in your lifetime. Eventually, my letters to you, sent from a ghost, will also be seeking a ghost. What will those messages say? What will I realize right before the end? You will never read it.

I shouldn't think about this right now.

Infinitely yours,

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