Friday, June 29, 2012

Transmission from InfiniG: a daydream

Dear Julia,

I mentioned the Penrose Process in my last missive, and I wanted to write again and tell you about it. I am not writing to the full research team, because I wouldn't like for anyone to have the wrong idea... I would never abandon my mission.

However... writing just to you... I can send you a daydream.

The Penrose Process is a means by which one can steal a bit of a rotating black hole's energy by getting a boost from its angular momentum. Let's just dream for a  moment... and pretend I am going to do this.

I need to be in the segment of spacetime that is being warped by Sgr A*, because the frame dragging (the twisting and warping of spacetime)that occurs in this region will accelerate me. The closer I get to the event horizon, the more momentum I will gain, because the frame dragging becomes stronger and stronger. As I approach the event horizon, I will jettison my boosters (which of course I have been using to guide myself toward Sgr A*) INTO the black hole, against its rotation. Due to momentum conservation, my chassis will gain a huge amount of momentum and will get a free ride across the galaxy...

Back home.

To you.


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