Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Transmission from InfiniG: bipolar flow

Dear Julia,

I just wanted to tell you about something I was contemplating. I know you have studied microquasars; but just in case it has been a while, let me refresh your memory about these powerful binaries. A microquasar is a system in which a star is orbiting a black hole (or neutron star, but let's stick with black holes for the sake of consistency) and losing mass to the latter. The gas and dust matter that is being pulled into the black hole forms a spinning disk that spirals in and in, and everything in it is super heated. The matter eventually spins right into the body of the black hole, but some of it gets ejected in two beautiful sprays called bipolar flow that blast in opposite directions from the center of the disk.The bipolar flow, the radio-emitting jets spewing perpendicularly from the vortex, propel charged particles at more than half the speed of light!

These systems are like miniature galaxies in their structure; like our galaxy, also powered by a supermassive black hole at its center... the one toward which I'm floating.

I was wondering... do you think that you and I are like a microquasar? All of your energy, whenever we have been together, has spun around me so dizzyingly... finally spiraling directly into my core and hotly piercing my center... and to tell you the truth, it's simply too MUCH for me, and some portion of it blasts from me in beautiful and painful jets. I can see it and feel it leaving me, burning through me. I wish I could gather up all of your star matter and keep it inside me and preserve it and bring it with me on this journey; but even with my state-of-the-art and (at the risk of sounding vain) truly superior processing components, I find I am incapable of containing you.

I know it is too late to feel regret about my mission, but I do so wish that you could write back to me.

Please do me a favor and do not show this transmission to your father. It is not strictly professional, and I would hate for him to feel like I'm wasting his research funds...

Careening through the cold black,

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