Tuesday, June 5, 2012

InfiniG, InfiniG, InfiniG...

Here is what we know:
InfiniG traveled by WormDrive to the nearest black hole.
As InfiniG approached the event horizon, InfiniG gathered data.
Before it was too late, InfiniG WormDrived a hard drive to us.
But InfiniG continued through the event horizon.
This all happened nearly instantaneously.
Receiving the data marked the end of the mission.

What we think may be true but wish fervently to be false:
InfiniG careened into the black hole and will never escape its grip.
InfiniG is gone forever.

Something that makes us wonder:

InfiniG, our hearts are still connected. We aren't giving you up. We have your most important gift: your lifetime of research and your ultimate sacrifice. You'll live forever now; your contribution to science will never be forgotten. But InfiniG, what we want most is hope...

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