Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farewell, Brave Voyager.

The InfiniG black hole research probe was launched today. Well, "launch" is a very old-fashioned word in this day and age, because of course the InfiniG reached its destination via WormDrive rather than traditional rocket launch. We had a small, public farewell event on the OldhamLab grounds, and Nile Oldham (physicist on InfiniG team) gave a beautiful speech. Only 3 people were there. We said goodbye to InfiniG. God, it hurt so much. But we're so grateful for the time we had together, and for InfiniG's devotion to this important research. Upon InfiniG's departure, we were presented with a hard drive instantaneously. It contains a moment -- an age -- an infinite stretch -- nothing: all of InfiniG's black hole research that took place while passing through the event horizon. It seems unlikely we'll ever be reunited now. Life, death, destruction, Hawking radiation... the infinite. We'll always be bound to InfiniG in spirit. Our hearts are one.

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