Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lonely glove.

It has been raining, snowing, hailing, dribbling... Everything that you can imagine coming out of the sky has been coming out of it this past week. For about an hour this afternoon the sun peeked through and gave me the opportunity to rush outside and take my favorite walk in the woods. I'm lucky enough to live within a 2 minute walk of an extensive set of trails, which makes it easy to squeeze walks in between showers--although my boots suffer the consequences and are caked with an abominable amount of mud.

Today on my walk I came across this lonely glove. It was mysteriously stuck to the trunk of this tree--I could not figure out what was holding it there. Perhaps it is adhered with a smattering of guts, and the owner was eaten by a mountain lion. Alternatively, my friend Jolene suggests the adhesive could be "Slug Spoo".

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