Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fermented quinces.

In the late fall and early winter, apples growing on trees and resting on the ground begin to ferment. I have often heard tales of deer and other animals dining on fermented apples and becoming stupidly drunk. Why, just last year, a moose was found drunkenly stuck in a tree in Sweden after eating too many winter apples; and a few years ago a shitfaced bear stumbled to an elementary school in Lyons, Colorado, after eating 20,000 calories of boozy fruits. Poor thing...

We have a quince tree on our hill which produces a prodigious amount of fruit in the fall, and supposedly quinces actually taste sweetest after they have spent some time fermenting on the ground. This quince tree happens to grow in what Eric affectionately calls the "deer bedroom"--a little meadow in which the grass is always tamped down in the shape of sleeping deer bodies. But maybe it is really that our deer are always munching on fermented quinces and then toppling over and sleeping off their hangovers in this spot.

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