Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ode to the Slug.

I admit it. I can't resist picking up friendly bugs, and I have a special weakness for the slug. What a dapper and royal character, with his-her willowy eye stalks, charming yet squishy little face and graceful and glossy trails of mucus! Many of the slugs of Oregon are especially large--the Banana Slug can reach 8 inches and the Black Garden Slug can reach 5-6 inches. The leopard slug only reaches 4 inches in length, but is decorated with an elegant pattern of spots. Something I have learned, as a habitual slug-handler, is that their slime is VERY difficult to remove from hands, especially after you have been holding a gigantic beast of a slug. Washing your hands is of no use, and the only remedy is to rub your hands together until all of the slime has been transformed into little boogery blobs that you must then flick into the wilderness.

If you'd like to know more about slugs, here's a lovely little video about slugs in Oregon that talked about their behaviors and anatomies. (The issue of removing their slime from your hands is addressed in this video as well!)

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