Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ne touche moi pas / Ne touche pas moi

This is Elsa, who is nearly 2, has almost no hair yet, has the biggest cheeks EVER, and is very fond of her new pink sneakers and will absolutely run in the pub even if you tell her she's not supposed to. She also likes to toothily command, "Don't touch me!" if she is being tickled or cuddled. I got her quote wrong here, though--instead of saying "Ne touche moi pas", Elsa says "Ne touche pas moi" in baby grammar. I was so tickled by her adorableness that I didn't notice the difference--or maybe I wouldn't have noticed anyway!

(Note 1: I learned from Elsa that "J'ai un bobo" means the same thing as "I have a booboo" and "Je veux faire pipi" means "I have to peepee." CUTE. Note 2: I don't have a scanner here and these reproductions are fuzzy. Desolée.)

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