Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gras Double.

Hooray, Eric and I are heading to France next week, where we will spend one month having lots of adventures (and getting some work done too, I guess...) in Montpellier. This week our dear friend Courtney is coming all the way from the east coast to hang out with us, and will be taking care of our house and beasts while we are away. We are looking forward to spending the week prior to our departure showing her around town and having a wonderful time.

In anticipation of our journey across the ocean, I'm posting some drawings I did of one of my favorite memories from our last journey to France, which was last year at the same time. The following events took place in Lyon on January 8, 2011, with the same beloved pal we'll have the pleasure of seeing on this trip:

LONG LIVE ERIC THE BRAVE!!! (Note 1: As Eric explained to me, the poopy smell of gras double is intense only during the first few bites, and then you become accustomed to it and can enjoy the complicated flavors in the dish. Note 2: We noticed that at the tables around us, either EVERYONE or NO ONE ordered the gras double--probably because it is a little hard on whoever is sitting next to you. Note 3: I did not actually want to leave Eric in the park, but he WAS a little smashed.)

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