Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting to know Montpellier.

Some wee snapshots of my long, rambling morning walks through town.

Luminous tram stop graffiti.

Lots of weird, minimal, glassy buildings over by the Antigone District, east of the old city.

Lantern hanging over a street downtown.

Mysterious legs by the promenade du Peyrou...

Self portrait in Antigone.

Such a happy little door, and yet creepy too... (I see this same graffiti figure all over town--the sort of phallic thing with long legs and a big nose.)


  1. Nice snaps Julia...looks like you are all having a good time. Years a go, my lovely wife spent a summer in Montpellier studying French. It's Louisville's sister city. We have a huge marble statue of Louis XVI (off with your head) that was a gift from the French city. That "Louis" is whom Louisville is named after.

  2. Oh, I had forgotten about Montpellier and Louisville being sister cities! Thanks for the reminder... I foresee a blog post dedicated to this nice connection in my future!