Sunday, July 17, 2011


My new video Circuit (the beginning of a brand new series--more about that soon!) will be included in a group exhibition in Chelsea this August. I hope to see you at the opening...


Curated by Benjamin King (HKJB) and Rob Nadeau
August 4 through August 13 (opening August 4 at 6 PM)

Inna Babaeva / Drew Beattie / Susan Bricker / David Deutsch / Michael Dopp / EJ Hauser / Pam Jorden / Rachel Lieber / Benjamin King / Lauren Luloff / Michael Mahalchick / Rob Nadeau / Julia Oldham / John Pearson / Jackie Saccoccio / Clintel Steed / Holly Zausner

ARTBLOGARTBLOG (temporary space)
508 West 26th Street
11th floor
New York City


  1. The heat index in Kentucky today was 109 degrees.
    This looks inviting. CLONE ME!

  2. Jesus, 109??? You def. need an icy greyhound over there...!