Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My mom is like Indiana Jones.

Another garden adventure with my parents today--IN WHICH MY INDIANA-JONES-LIKE MOTHER DISCOVERED A SECOND SET OF HIDDEN STONE STAIRS (here's the first), which were almost completely buried in the dirt. She is amazing and obviously has a sixth sense for lost staircases. This one leads up to a little meadow from our driveway.

With E's help (he is an ivy-ripping beast of a man), we also pulled up a massive pile of English Ivy, which we are letting die on the driveway so it doesn't re-root. We are sore and covered with spiders.

And both of my parents did a heroic job of helping me cut down bushes, pull weeds and hack blackberries out of the little connected meadows in my front yard so that the lovely, tall grasses can spread and grow. (We left all of the pretty rose campion and a little tangle of vinca.) Here's a glimpse:

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