Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden mania.

I wrote previously about how I was putting my parents to work in my garden... Since then, my Crazy Garden Workhorse Parents have helped me to really shape things up around here (although they've nearly killed me!) Here are some photos of our progress (sorry for the varying quality of shots)! Thank goo'ness for my mama and pappy.

Euonymus in the back yard.

Somewhat phallic hen and chicks...

Pappy with the 'lectric Bush Hawg!

Pieris in the backyard.

Barberry and hawthorn on the (newly mulched) hillside. (We got some extra help from our wonderful neighbors, who procured a yard of delightful bark mulch for us and helped us haul away a mountain of dead juniper.)

Beginnings of succulent patio, done in collaboration with my mama.

Finished succulent patio! So cute!


  1. Have weeds. Stop.
    Send parents to Kentucky. Stop.
    Bring lectric weed wacker. Stop.

  2. Mama is on 'er way with Crazy Weedin' Fingers. Stop. Pappy's on 'is way with Lectric Bush Hawg. Stop. Tell them weeds to run for their lives! Stop.