Monday, May 2, 2011


My residency at Outpost is going swimmingly. Outposters Ruth and Elliot have been super warm and welcoming, and I've settled right in. I'm working with brilliant editor Daniel Vatsky, who is helping me make all of the doubled-Julia scenes in Antimatter Twin look perfect. We got so much done! And by that, I mean Dan did all sorts of incredible work while my head was spinning as I was trying to keep track of all of the magic he was performing in the editing lab. He is fantastic; I got exhausted just WATCHING him work today.

I am staying here on site in Ridgewood, and I have some interesting housemates. One is an African Grey Parrot who likes to sing a VERY strange version of the theme song of the original Star Trek, intercut with clicks, boops, sounds like droplets of water falling into a pool, and big loud YOOHOOs. He has a bird friend who is an Amazon Parrot, and another who is a sort of Conure. Of the bunch, somebody is quite adept at making sounds exactly like fire alarms and cell phone rings. All of these dear birdies get started right before sunrise.

Yes. Like, around this time:

Pre-Sunrise with Weird Birdsounds in Ridgewood

There are also kitties here. Three irresistible and sweet kitties. One is a giant hairy puff named Mushroom who follows me into the bathroom and makes funny grumbling sounds while I'm showering. Then when I get out, she covers my wet legs with all of the hair she is shedding.

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