Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Way Things Go With 6X6: Special Collaborative Event with Athica

Pull, 2005


Things will be going our way at 6X6 next Wednesday, May 4 from 7-8 pm at Ciné Lab when we team up with Athica to show a program of videos selected in collaboration with their current exhibit "The Way Things Work," a colorful and spectacular exhibit about our cultural systems, which features large-scale installation, indoor and outdoor sculpture, drawings, videos and sound art by 11 national and international artists.

Co-curated by exhibit curator Didi Dunphy and 6X6 coordinator Lauren Fancher, the video program includes works by Robert Ladislas Derr, Julia Oldham, Eve Bailey, Christian Croft and Andrew Schneider, Celeste Fichter, Maud Haya-Baviera, Gareth Hudson, Plan b, and Katharine Tolladay.

Faithful followers of 6X6 will enjoy this departure from form: no longer will we be constrained by 6 pieces, 6 minutes, or 6 anything (unless we feel like it). Come be a part of it; as always, 6X6 is fast, fun, and free.

About 6X6: A series of media arts events in Athens, Georgia open for submission to anyone from anywhere in the world. Video, film, sound, performance, or combination.

About The Curators: Didi DunphyLauren FancherAthica

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