Sunday, May 8, 2011

Solar Nim

Well, my stint in NYC ended with a doozy of a night out dancing on Friday night at Tammany Hall with lovely physicist J, who always knows where the fun stuff is happening. Our dancing shoes kept us out til nearly 3 AM, at which point I finally limped my way back to Ridgewood and collapsed into bed.

I felt sad saying goodbye to my new friends at Outpost on Saturday the morning... (this feeling was compounded by my hangover.) It had been such a nice and incredibly productive week (and I was feeling severely tempted to catnap a certain Mushroom). I said goodbye to Ruth and took the train down to Maryland, where I'm spending the week with my family and with our own assortment of lovable fuzzy critters.

Teddy, His Royal Fatness
(I know... a lot of kitty talk recently.)

I spent a great Mother's Day with my mom today--and felt lucky that I could be here for it. While I'm in town I'll get to catch up with family and friends, AND I get to visit with the Yard Robots!

Solar Sammy, Solar Caspar, and Solar Nimrod
(That's actually not all of them.)

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