Sunday, May 29, 2011

The revival of Moley.

While we're on the subject of insectivores with funny noses...

I remember having a blast drawing star nosed moles when I was a kid. That crazy nose is nearly irresistible as subject matter with a big pink crayon or colored pencil in hand. I started an illustrated book when I was 10 about a star nosed mole named "Moley" (WHAT a creative name) who has to deal with an annoying bobcat who likes to defecate at the entrance of Moley's Mole Hole. (This would surely have won a Pulitzer had I drawn/written more than 3 pages of it.)

I most definitely did not know about the star nosed mole's bubble-blowing-to-detect-prey behavior in the below video until just now. OK: current favorite beast is now a toss-up. Thank you David Attenborough for always teaching me new things. I love you, and Moley does too.

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