Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parrots Who Like Spaghetti Westerns

Today began with a jolt at 6:00 AM, when the Parrot started singing the theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with GUSTO. The sun was just rising.

I had another excellent day of editing here at Outpost--Antimatter Twin is coming together so very well, and I am delighted. It's taking some hard work--a lot of frame-by-frame TLC to make sure the antimatter conjugates really inhabit the same space in a believable way. Along the way, I'm learning a lot from Dan.

A little after lunch time, I had to negotiate with Mushroom the Puff Cat. She decided to make a nest out of my warmest sweater, which I needed. She wrapped herself in the sweater, rubbing her face against it, imparting massive quantities of drool, digging in her nails and emitting a cloud of hair simultaneously. It was a careful job extricating sweater from cat, and it resulted in some hurt feelings on the part of sweet Mushroom. Luckily, at around the same time, the Amazon Parrot, named Rocky, started singing an opera (Outpost director and Animal Lover Extraordinaire Ruth Kahn told me that Rocky learned to sing opera some years ago when she was participating in a children's theater production). The Parrotic Opera soothed us all.

This evening I took a little stroll through the sweet neighborhood of Ridgewood. On my way over to Myrtle street I was sprayed by a kid with a super soaker and got totally drenched. But he was cute and forgivable when he shouted a great big, "THORRY LADY!", and despite my soggy beginning, I had a wonderful walk.

Now I'm back in my lovely brick room in Outpost, and thinking fondly of dear friend and inspiration Brea Souders, who has just started a 6 week residency at Camac in France! I'm certain that she'll have a wonderful artistic journey while in residence, and I can't wait to hear every detail! 

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