Monday, May 30, 2011

Legendary Ijamsville Tarantula: Part II.

I've written before about the Ijamsville Tarantula, the hairiest beast in Western Maryland... of which my father is the Master. Every time one of these sprawling creatures surfaces in the house, my brave father, rather than shrieking, wetting himself a little, and reaching for the nearest rolled-up newspaper like so many would do, reaches for the Ijamsville Tarantula Relocation Chamber (he sometimes still shrieks and wets himself a little, though). You can see this sophisticated piece of equipment here:

(Alas, Prince Tarantacular lost a leg in this risky procedure!!!)

Today was another Day of the Ijamsville Tarantula in my childhood home in Maryland, and like all Days of the Ijamsville Tarantula, Nile "Tarantula Master" successfully moved the beast from the basement to the woodpile. The Oldham house has no shortage of spiders, insects, and even snakes at times. But the Ijamsville Tarantula, if left indoors, can cause night terrors, panic attacks, and overindulgence of alcohol. As Mr. Tarantula Master stated in an email today, "I took a video of the spider too, but it was too scary to send." Removal of Ijamsville Tarantulas from basement to woodpile is thus beneficial to both humans and spiders alike. Nile managed to capture this terrifying image of my mother actually CARESSING the beast's prickly fur (you'll see that, like any sane person, he kept a piece of plastic between himself and this risky rendezvous between fearless woman and arachnid):

(This is the same woman who once chased a bear up a mountain
with the intention of "snuggling". Heart of a lion, she has.
She probably gave this spider some cookies before saying farewell.)

PS It's a wolf spider.

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