Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back in NY.

I really love my little Grey Lodge in Oregon--what a wonderful place to focus on work and get my head together, walk through beautiful forests, and go to strange Twin Peaksy bars with my zany Oregon pals and have weird and dreamy nighttime adventures in very dark places.

But I also LOVE getting back to the hustle and bustle of the city. Hello, New York! It was a trick getting here today--huge thunderstorms in the NYC area left me stuck in the airport in Philadelphia for 8 hours after a redeye flight from the west coast. When I thought it was hopeless, I retrieved my checked bag from the airplane that had been sadly sitting outside for hours and left security. Of course, 5 minutes after I left security, an announcement was made that my flight was taking off! Crud. But I had a pleasant ride to the city on the Septa/NJ Transit instead (aside from one embarrassing moment when the ass of my leggings got hooked on a ferocious vent and then stretched farther than leggings should EVER stretch when I tried to walk away). Well, I made it here in the end.

Tulips every 15 feet in huge planters on 34th St.

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