Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drunken Ivy Mistress.

E and I have been having a Mimosas and Gardening day, guzzling champagne and pulling up the ivy that grows all around the little House on the Hill. It's a huge job, as the house came with a jungle of ivy that has probably been growing for about 30 years--which is choking and completely covering many of the pretty trees and plants that were once planted here on the property. However, we chose a few plants we wanted to liberate and went to town with clippers and gloves. I was working on liberating a sweet little twiggy tree that's covered with brand new buds (I have no idea what any of the plants are here on the west coast, but I can tell that at one time this thing was planted on purpose), while E began to hack away at the vines crawling up a huge fir tree.

I was sitting in the dirt, chopping away at ivy roots and making a lot of headway. The trees branches were becoming visible from underneath the devastating web of English Ivy! Lucius (dog) ambled over, made a little nest in the ivy next to me, sat down, watched what I was doing. He then grabbed with his teeth a branch of the VERY TREE that I was liberating... and bit the whole damn thing into tiny little pieces. As if he were saying to me, "Look at what a good helper I am too." He proceeded to eat 3 branches of the sweet little tree, pulling all of the buds off with his teeth one by one and then crunching the branch into tiny pieces. After much coaxing he switched to ripping up ivy with his jaws for a little while, but eventually returned to my tree to do a little more munching. What a good dog.

We spent many hours on the hill and pulled up a mountain of ivy--stuffed a huge yard waste bin with it and made a big pile with the rest. Now we are having more champagne to celebrate... and to forget that we've probably pulled up only about 1/100 of the ivy growing out there.


  1. Oh, what a good helper. Lucius pruned your tree for you.

  2. Yes, he is the smartest of all dogs. He has a degree in Canine Tree Pruning from Pooper Union.