Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in time: December 20 in Provence.

Well, my wonderful month in France has come to an end, and I made it back to my little studio in the hills. I realize I didn't post very many updates while I was there--I was just too overwhelmed by all of the adventures I was having and the delicious food items I was shoving into my gullet. However, I'm going to do a little bit of post-voyage sharing now that I'm back home. Of course, it will probably fuel the intense heartache I'm feeling about having left France behind.

I'll start at the beginning. Due to a bigass snowstorm in Europe, I spent 30 hours stuck at the Charles de Gaulle airport between the morning of December 19th and 20th and lost ALL my luggage in the mess. I won't go into that in detail... because I'm trying really hard to repress all of my memories of it. I did finally escape the airport via TGV and met my family at the Avignon train station. There was a major upside to the CDG debacle, which was that I was FORCED to go on a little shopping spree in Avignon. However, I arrived in this fair town having been awake for about 50 hours, which made everything kind of complicated, and made the Petit Jesus sausage extra extra extra hilarious.

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