Friday, December 3, 2010

Dreams of Birds and Physicists / Birds in Bedrooms with Physicists

J has a delightful dream about birdwatching with M. The dream intitiates a strange chemical reaction which causes J's brain to produce an actual, living Pacific Wren in the bedroom, fluttering around and swooping above sleepers' heads, which E must then chase out the kitchen window. (From a drawing for E, based sort of on real life...)

Note: scar from 3rd grade playground collision with Nathan Foster is on the wrong side of J's head, due to mirror confusion.


  1. I think your choice of a wren is a brilliant one for your drawing. So many times I have been scolded by them as I tramp around in the country. They are the feathered consciousness of the woods. Like the different look of your blog too.

  2. Thanks Albertus! I remember being yelled at by some Carolina Wrens on our river adventure together. Do you remember how I tried to use the Oriole call and ended up making horrible squawking sounds that caused every bird in the vicinity to flee?

  3. Fond memories indeed! Do you think one of those bottles will ever turn up and if someone finds one of your notes...will you tell me? Have fun in France!