Monday, October 4, 2010

New friends.

Photo by Eric.

I'm having a great time learning about the new flora and fauna here in Eugene, OR. Yesterday on a hike along the Ridgeline Trail in town, we passed through a neighborhood with an immaculate lawn, and on top of that immaculate lawn was this gigantic European Red Slug (Arion rufus). This individual was a good 5 inches long and had a curious look on his-her face, which Eric expertly captured.

I've found that I have a really hard time resisting the enormous slugs around here, and I always want to pick them up to get a closer look and see how they'll shrink and recoil. Because they are so huge, they leave giant, boogery blobs of slime on my hands, of course--but snail expert Aydin at Snail's Tales kindly informed me that slug slime can be easily removed from hands with good quality pants legs. Indeed, I found that Eric's pants legs are the perfect repository for slug slime.

Here's a drawing I did in 2009 which is based on the mating ritual of European Red Slugs (you can see the real thing here). I think I need to bring back the Slug Sex Series...

Slugs 2 by Julia Oldham.


  1. Thanks Aydin! Slugs are surprisingly exciting to draw--especially their naughty bits.

  2. I'll bet they leave lots of shiny slug trails all over. I'm excited to meet these new neighbors of yours.

  3. I think you are finding a different world to enjoy on the west coast. Who knows how this will influence your work? Love the slug drawing and can feel their slime tracks on the page.