Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black Widow.

I'm settling into a new studio space here in Eugene--a beautiful glassed-in room with white pegboard walls on one side. It has been wonderful cleaning it up, installing my equipment and materials, and making it my own. I'm not alone in there though!

Along with myriad other bugs, a Western Black Widow lives somewhere down there. I saw her while picking up some cinder blocks from the floor and stashing them in the corner--after I lifted the last block, there she was, with a black and glossy and dimpled abdomen, long and elegant legs, and a hint of rusty red on her belly. I wish I had been able to get a photo of her, but upon being discovered, she raced into a crack in the studio wall and is now living somewhere under my workbench. I'll make sure to be a little cautious when working down there, and will wear gloves to bring those blocks outside.


  1. The adult male looks like he's wearing goggles! What amazing creatures.

  2. Hi Julia,
    Your post about the black widow caught my eye. I read in your "about" that you are a bug lover. I thought I might offer up this poem I read on another blogger's site that changed my view of her, the black widow. Hope you don't mind, but thought you might like it.

  3. OH, I liked that very much--thanks so much for sharing. I liked the way it recast the black widow as a modern and independent woman!