Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Radio direction finder.

I have a really cool day job--my dad and I collaborate to make informational videos about the projects happening at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It can be pretty challenging, because my background is in art rather than science--so I spend a lot of time trying to wrap my head around difficult concepts like power factor in electricity, and I wrack my brain attempting to understand complicated pursuits like the definition of the quantum watt. I have fun floundering around in the physics world though, as you probably already know.

For this videography job, I also get to do some really fascinating research, and I come up with things like this photo of a radio direction finder from the NIST Virtual Museum:

Built in 1916, this awesome looking contraption could locate the direction of radio transmissions, and was a prototype for military use. I like how it looks kind of like a cross between a telegraph machine and a loom... which would probably make for a pretty sweet tapestry.


  1. Wow!! What an interesting day job!! you are lucky you have something that is challenging but interesting enough not to be upsetting!

    That picture is phenomenal, it almost looks like a painting! The man doesn't even look real, in my opinion.

  2. It has been really fun, and I feel lucky to get to work with my Pops. He's a swell collaborator! Haha, I totally agree with you that the guy in the photo looks kind of mannequin-esque...

  3. I suspect this will have some cool influences on your work. Love when we leave our comfort zones.

  4. That's a good thing indeed, falling out of those comfortable places. Sometimes it can be hard to let go!