Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seis Mil Antenas.

Tonight I headed over to Christopher Henry Gallery for the T Minus 20 show. Downstairs is an exhibition of artist-designed t-shirts, and upstairs is a video installation that includes three of my videos. I watched the entire 45-minute video loop--huge and loud and energetic. Many of the works had a strong music component and were performative in nature. My favorite piece was Seis Mil Antenas, a collaborative work by Montreal-based Johnny Ranger and Brooklyn-based Olek, completed in Brazil with a group of dancers / capoeira performers wearing crazy suits made out of tied up balloons (that I thought made the dancers look kind of like candy-colored Predators.) One of the costumes was on display as well--super bizarre.

Feast your eyes:


  1. Entertaining video and I love the costumes too.

  2. Muito bom. I couldn't agree more. Very beautiful. Very Brazilian.