Thursday, July 15, 2010


Excerpts from the Frustration notebook:

7.10.2010 I rolled my eyes, but I’m sure he knows that I actually find these sorts of things irresistible.

7.11.2010 All Sunday I felt anxious about the conversation, and about the fact that I didn’t hear a word from M.

7.12.2010 I wrote and rewrote that stupid little note 6 times, but then I didn’t send it.

7.13.2010 Do we really have an idea, or are we just stubbornly holding onto Frustration?

7.14.2010 Will it serve as glue holding us together, or will the idea fade away as we settle back into our everyday lives?

7.15.2010 This second time saying goodbye hurt worse than the first, despite our plans to see each other again soon.

Farewell for the time being to our dear friend and collaborator, Maxime, who leaves us heartbroken as he flies home to France.

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