Sunday, June 6, 2010

This weekend at The Science Fair.

My physicist collaborator Eric Corwin snapped this shot of our installation of Determining the Speed of Light at The Science Fair (Flux Factory and The Metric System.) We had a great day in the space today chatting with the artists around us--like Studio AND, a collaborative team that's researching "urban meteorites"; Flint Weisser, an artist who creates beautiful, Victorian-esque scientific equipment; and Jay Henderson, a sculptor pal of mine who co-founded the curatorial project HKJB. (You can see some of Jay's sculptural pieces on the right side of the photo above.) We also enjoyed talking to many visitors about our collaborative work, and seeing it in installation format for the first time. The space was ridiculously hot, so everyone was utterly beat by 6:00, but I think we all left feeling pretty good about the show!

Tomorrow local news channel NY1 will be shooting a segment about The Science Fair, and I noticed a writer from Discover Magazine around and about today as well--I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Awesome idea...I like the science fair concept and directions! Good luck to you and Eric during the rest of the exhibit's run. I'll look for you both in Discover magazine...fingers crossed on that one. And now if my Open ID gets accepted, I'll be happy. For some reason, Blogspot isn't recognizing Wordpress these days. I have heard this from other friends as well.