Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iowa and back.

The Iowa sky, captured on my cruddy little phone camera.

I just returned from Marshalltown, Iowa, where I was participating in the annual shareholders/directors meeting for a wonderful forest preserve called the Ferguson Timber (which my series The Timber is named for) that has been in my family since the 1800s.

I am always amazed by the storms that one can experience in Iowa. This trip was no exception. In fact, I flew into Cedar Rapids during a very dramatic cluster of electrical storms and tornadoes in the area. As my plane descended, all of the passengers were thrashed about in their seats, and one could see a web of lightning just outside the windows. We all looked at each other, laughing nervously as our bodies were pummeled by the turbulence. By the time the plane finally touched the runway, the whole cabin reeked of whiskey. I didn't blame 'em; I was sincerely wishing for a very stiff drink myself, except I would have spilled it all over myself with all that rattling around.

As we drove to Marshalltown, we passed through strange clouds that touched the ground, and bulged with bubbly forms. I was kicking myself for leaving my camera at home and had to use my phone camera instead.

It looked like we were driving right into a tornado.

The weekend was nice, if a little exhausting with all the meetings. Catching up with the Iowa folks is always a joy. And a neat thing happened: we found an old photo of my great grandmother Hoobin (before she married my great grandfather Nile Oldham) in Lexington, Kentucky! You may remember that I was daydreaming about my roots in Kentucky one month ago while I was still finishing my residency at Bernheim. It's maybe not so far-fetched after all!

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  1. I've been in a small plane in a thunderstorm before and realize your landing was no fun! Sounds like you are also experiencing some residual Kentucky effect!!