Thursday, June 24, 2010

Further entangled.

On Tuesday my collaborators Maxime Clusel and Eric Corwin joined me to shoot Entanglement, our quantum love story. It was a long night--we started at roughly 6:00 PM and shut down our cameras at 4:30 AM. Along the way, J wrote love/rejection letters on entangled sheets of paper with her quantum pen. Her entangled letters remained in an indeterminate state, in which neither could be defined as love letter nor rejection letter. The letters were delivered to Erwin (S.) and Max (P.), at which point a measurement was taken on one of the letters. This measurement instantly defined the two letters, one as a love letter and one as a rejection letter, paving the way for both passion and heartbreak. I am in the early stages of editing this week and will keep you posted!

I met yesterday with curator Stamatina Gregory, who will be including Determining the Speed of Light, Weighing the Earth, and Entanglement in an upcoming exhibition at PPOW Gallery in Chelsea next month (opening on July 22). I had the opportunity to show some of our brand new footage to Stamatina, and she and I had a wonderful conversation about the potential for the growing Fundamental Constants series.

Here are a few stills from the shoot. A big thanks to my magnificent collaborators Maxime and Eric, who were on the ball for nearly 11 hours of shooting and who brought excellent visual ideas and really exciting science into the mix. We make a pretty good trio, if I do say so myself.


  1. Hi Julia !

    1st foto: I want one of those!;

    Last foto: We're not made of steel!!! ;-)


  2. Regarding the first image: which do you want? The quantum pen, the entangled letter, or the super cute girl? ;)


  3. Of course I want the "quantum entangled super cut girl"!!! ;-)

    Digital kisses.