Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Entanglement: the beginnings.

The quantum pen in the Entanglement storyboard.
Photo by Maxime Clusel.

The newest Fundamental Constants video is in the works! For this piece, titled Entanglement, my collaborator Eric Corwin and I are working with French theoretical physicist Maxime Clusel, PhD. Now our team includes 1 video artist, 1 experimentalist, and 1 theorist: I think we have our bases covered! Maxime, who is also a photographer, is bringing his own visual sensibility to the table in addition to brain-twisting ideas about quantum measurement.

At its most basic level, Entanglement is a love story that is guided by quantum mechanics. It involves a quantum pen, entangled letters, and a mysterious triangle of characters whose relationships are about to be determined by a single measurement. Alluring, no? You just wait.

More soon.

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