Thursday, May 27, 2010

A woodpecker's end.

I found this Red-Bellied Woodpecker dead outside of my cabin. It made me very sad to see its beautiful form lying lifeless like that, but I also felt drawn to it and fascinated by its bold plumage, and by the sparkling green bottle flies that were alighting upon it. I've never been so close to a woodpecker.


  1. I have a "thing" for dead birds such as this. There's something about how the grace and beauty remain as almost a visual echo of the life it once held. I am fascinated by the way it simultaneously celebrates the life that was, as well as the new purpose for the body after death. It is a process as old as life itself, and it enriches me somehow to witness it.

  2. Do you suppose it accidently flew into the building? I'm shocked by how many birds I find downtown on the sidewalks after they hit these structures...probably at night. Many migrating species are active during this time of day.

  3. Poor thing...! :(

    Unluckily, in the garden of my house, this happens many times.

    Digital kisses

  4. the saddest is looking into those lifeless eyes