Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sleepless nights, 10 foot mice, and radioactive fairytales.

Last night I couldn't sleep. It was a combination of staying up too late getting way too excited about editing a new video, and then also continuing an extended trip down a musical memory lane into the late nineties (this journey began sometime last week and has gotten more and more saccharine--it reached a fever pitch last night). How can you go to sleep when your heart is full from spending a whole night Shoegazing?

When I finally said goodnight to all of those spacey guitars and wispy vocals, it was nearly 3:00 AM. I got into bed and turned off the light. Immediately there was a flickering of blue light, and the shadow of a monster was projected onto my wall! The monster took the form of an enormous rodent, licking itself and nibbling shadow crackers. What in the world?? I gingerly pulled back the covers and tiptoed over toward the far wall where this shadow was cast...

I looked in horror at this enormous form, nibbling and scratching in its 10-foot glory. And then, like the enlightened prisoner in the Allegory of the Cave, I turned around to see the truth! Yes, I was momentarily blinded by the blue LED emanating from my external hard drive, but then I saw clearly: I had left a plate of crumbs on my desk, and my desk drawer mouse Sami (who lives in a folded up piece of black velour) was nibbling those crumbs with fervor while standing right in front of the hard drive. The LED was casting her monstrous shadow on the wall.

I didn't have the heart to scare Sami the mouse away, so I left the crumbs and got back into bed. Somehow I managed to fall into a restless sleep, full of dreams and noises. I woke late today--at nearly 10:00 AM. And when I ventured over to my desk, I saw that the little plate which had previously been covered in crumbs was as clean as a whistle. Thanks, Sami.

Today is a dark and rainy day. Perfect for gluing myself to my laptop and getting some more editing done. Here's a new still from Radioactive Fairytale--you'll notice the colors have changed significantly since my last post about this footage. When you watch the video, you'll hear a gritty sci-fi soundtrack with rumblings and even some explosions.

Still from Radioactive Fairytale, 2010


  1. Loved the story of Sami the Mouse and I think the refinement in colors helps. Sounds like you are having radioactive dreams?

  2. Sami is really a treasure. She's up to all sorts of shenanigans every day. Glad you like the new colors! I have to say, I'm really excited about this new video--I just finished it.

  3. A 'bee(auty)' !

    4 Vogue immediately !

    Pedro ;-)