Thursday, May 20, 2010

The perfect shot. Or not.

I've been spending the last few drizzly days stuck to my computer, editing Reset (my experiment with Cypress Knees.) Due to problems with weather, camera battery life, and lighting--I didn't have the perfect shot for the climactic moment of this video. I kept trying to reshoot this particular segment, but it kept feeling wrong and detached from the original footage.

In the end, I threw out some of my storyboard and worked with the footage that I did have. The way the video turned out is a little different than how I had originally envisioned it, but then again, that's how it seems to go as a rule with my work. I also ended up using a lot of little bits of junk footage here and there to spice up the video and give it a ragged, chaotic quality. I made ample use of accidents, and I really like the way it turned out; sometimes I find that having limitations or having imperfect footage really works in my favor.

The soundtrack of this piece is shaping up to have a very sci-fi feel, and there are some parts of it that are downright noisy. Here are some stills for you to peek at:


  1. Perfect shots are rare, however, your stills look interesting! Maybe a little chaos is nature's way of providing input into your creative process?

  2. Butterfly wings change wind streams they say.