Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fluff and Stuff and Witch's Brooms.

Yesterday morning I got a call bright and early from the Prince of Quails, Ronnie, who invited me to watch him relocate newly hatched quail chicks from their warm incubator to their new chick paradise in the woods. Oh, they were the cutest little things I've ever seen. It was too dark for me to get any decent pictures, but they were tiny, striped, fluffy, full of squeaky peeps, and they could jump tremendously! I held one warm little chick, and got to see the bitsy egg tooth on his beak, which he had just used to saw his way out of his thick egg shell. In the incubator were more unhatched eggs, and also some partially hatched eggs containing wriggling, wet babies pushing their way out into the world. It was quite a sight.

I spent yesterday and today walking around, taking in the amazing green all around me after the torrential rainfall of the weekend, and gathering ideas for a new video shoot. Eric and I have been discussing the idea of a Frankenstein Plant, and I'm also putting together some new equipment that... well... that I haven't really divined the purpose of yet. But I'm trying not to rush myself too much: I still have just under a month yet here at Bernheim! Although it's crazy to think that a month has already gone by--it has gone very quickly, despite the Lonelies here and there.

In other news, three collaborative videos with Baltimore-based experimental music duo Lurch and Holler will be screened on Friday night at 8:00 PM at Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD for Videopolis. I won't be able to be there, of course, but I hope to hear about the weekend festival!

Oh, one more thing: That second photo I posted above (of the big round piney mass high up in a tree) is of a Witch's Broom, a deformity caused by fungus, insects, or other injuries. I don't think it's very good for the tree, but it sure is neat lookin'.

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