Monday, May 24, 2010


This is my last week at Bernheim! I have been here in my little cabin for 7 weeks working on my 4-video Possunhaw Plant Electrics series. And this final week of my residency is going to be devoted to a small drawing project that will be related to the video works. If you happen to live in this wonderful region of the country (which I am totally claiming as part of my heritage from here on out), you can see the work that I created here at Bernheim from August 27 to October 23 at my solo exhibition at the Carnegie Center. I'll keep you posted as that show approaches.

It will be a bittersweet thing leaving Bernheim. I have loved being here: exploring the beautiful arboretum and forest, meeting incredible new friends that I'll miss, getting a sense of the flavor of the lovely city of Louisville, and having the luxury of time to focus exclusively on artmaking. Even the lonely nights (of which there were quite a few) were very valuable and allowed me to find some hidden parts of myself that surfaced here in this quiet cabin. Of course I must also admit that I'm very excited to get home to Brooklyn and see the people I adore, my beloved comrades-in-arms and my excellent partner Eric. I have thought of them every single day. So it's a complicated thing I'm feeling as I anticipate my journey home.

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