Monday, April 5, 2010

Wasp Master

A little update::

After that wasp chase earlier in the day, I discovered that if I leave my door open for even 15 seconds, wasps will crawl in through the screen door, which is not in the best shape. So while I was outside taking a photo of a bird nest, two wasps came inside. One stayed on the door, and I gently urged her to go out. Fine. The other, however, flew all the way in.

So all throughout the late afternoon, she was buzzing around and dive bombing me because I was of course flailing my arms and cowering, which got her all pissed off. Then she'd fly up to the ceiling and hang out for a while before pestering me again. It was so stressful that my neck and shoulders are sore from being tense! (I'm so brave, I know.)

Eventually she became interested in a high up window that can be opened by a rope and pulley. I camped out underneath this window, ready to run into the bathroom and shut the door if the wasp decided to molest me, and pulled it open. It took HALF AN HOUR before she decided to fly out the window, but she finally did, and SLAM! I shut the window.

I may be sore and exhausted from a full day of stinging-insect-induced-panic, but as it turns out, I am the Wasp Master.

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