Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sounds in an ant hill

Remember that video I talked about earlier? The headphones and the ant hill? Well, I shot it this afternoon, and it was a horrible experience! I "plugged" my headphone jack into the anthill, and then tried to listen. I had angry ants swarming me, crawling up my legs, opening their big scary jaws... it was so stressful that afterwards I actually felt a little queasy. But I have high hopes for my first video at Bernheim!

What I hope to do with this is put together a video in which I create a soundscape that's based on anthill noises (or how I imagine the anthill would sound if you could actually hear it by plugging in headphones), plus the noises that I'm making as I'm slapping ants off my legs, squealing in displeasure, thrashing fearfully and hyperventilating. We'll see how those different elements come together...

I also got lots of footage of ants swarming the headphone jack and generally marching around the nest, but I was shooting in 24p, and so they're just little blurs in the stills. Alas. Well, you'll see 'em in the video soon!

Note: See that pretty green dress I'm wearing? It's a maternity dress. (No, there ain't no bun in the oven--maternity dresses just happen to be unbelievably comfy, and PERFECT for movement-based video work!)


  1. Sounds very creative & unusual. Looking forward to watching it.

    I wonder if one can actually record anything audible in an ant nest.

  2. Aydin, I was thinking of putting some contact microphones on the surface and seeing if I can record their wee footsteps! I'll let you know if this works...

  3. What if you hear little eensy voices singing, in perfect unison, "The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah ...."

  4. Oh, well, that's what I'm anticipating. I mean, what ELSE would they sing?

  5. Love it. The pic of you slapping marching ants off of your leg wearing a maternity dress all the while "plugged" into an ant nest is absolutely divine!

  6. Thanks, Stacey! That maternity dress *is* pretty awesome... :D